Elevate Events with Shared Memories 🀳
Offer more to clients with Momento. Instruct guests and patrons to text in photos and videos, set up your screen, and we'll do the rest. No app required.
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How it Works - Event Timelines
Sweet 16s/Bar Mitzvahs
Let guests instantly share photos and videos to a live event slideshow. It creates a communal photo album in real-time, making it a memorable experience for the guest of honor and attendees.
Bars can use Momento to boost their nightlife ambiance, allowing patrons to text in their snapshots for live display, amplifying the shared experience. It’s also a tool for real-time promotions, keeping the excitement high and the drinks flowing.
Momento enhances special dining events by inviting diners to contribute to a live photo feed, showcasing their experience. This not only elevates the atmosphere but also enables restaurateurs to engage with customers in a dynamic way.
Wedding DJ Example


3 Weeks Prior to Event Day
Guests signup up and share their number and name with the event.


On Event Day πŸŽ‰
It's event day! Send a welcome text blast as the event kicks off! Inform guests of the agenda and timing.
Remind them they can text in photos and videos!


During the Event
Optionally, display a slideshow during the event!


Display a QR code for guests who didn't opt-in ahead of time!


Event End
Send guests a thank you message with a link to the photo & video album!
Add More Value with Momento
Gather Candid Photos
Provide your client with all the candid and fun shots guest are already taking!
Send Text Blasts
Keep guests updated with the day's agenda and last minute changes with the text blast function.
Live Slideshow
Optionally, up-charge clients with a live photo and video slideshow during the event!
Everyone can participate
Simply use text message!
Or upload multiple photos & videos with a web link!
Post event album!
Try the demo!
Text "Start" to (425) 657-3354 or scan the QR code
Next steps
Momento is currently available in the USA & Canada. Venues & Bars, contact us directly for pricing
Pay Per Event
$80 USD per event
Monthly Unlimited
$100 /month for events with 250ppl or less